Cana Laboratories

Production Unit

Cana Laboratories is an experienced and reliable pharmaceutical company founded in 1928 in the Greek market, active in the production of various categories of products. Furthermore, the company has developed and owns brands that are promoted both in Greece and abroad.

The Production unit of Cana Laboratories has been renovated in the past 3 years in terms of machinery, laboratory equipment, facilities, water and air supplies, as well as a new Quality Management System.

It has passed two Quality Audits in the 4th quarter of 2017 by two different multinational companies and has been successfully audited by the local health authorities (EOF) in July 2018.

With the new and highly experienced management team, it has established itself as a high-quality, flexible boutique CMO with the intention to provide Production and R&D services as well as services required by Research and Development companies for testing and validation purposes.

Production Capabilities

As a Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO), Cana Laboratories provides development and production support to help you convert Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) into Final Dosage Forms (FDF).

Production (GMP)

Production in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) refers to a set of standards and regulations governing the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products. The GMP system ensures that pharmaceutical products are produced with the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

Cana Laboratories follows GMP principles in the process of manufacturing pharmaceutical products.

  • Tablets: plain tablets, chewable tablets
  • Capsules: hard gelatin capsules
  • Oral Liquids: syrups, suspensions, dry powder for syrup
  • Preparations for external use: creams, gels, ointments
  • Liquids for external use: solutions
  • Liquid formulations for internal use: nasal sprays

Packaging (GMP)

  • Blister packaging machine for alu-PVC/aclar, alu-PVC/PVDC
  • Bottle filling: glass or HDPE bottles
  • Tube filling: plastic tubes, aluminum tubes

Final Pharmaceutical Product Support

  • Product/Process Troubleshooting
  • Packaging & Labeling
  • Storage & Distribution
  • Batch Release Test (Certificate of Analysis)
  • Stability Test
  • Release by Qualified Person (QP) (Certificate of Compliance)

Development & Validation

  • Formulations Development
  • Process Development, Validation & Technology Transfer
  • Analytical Method Development, Validation & Transfer
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Impurity Profile and Stability Studies in accordance with ICH guidelines

Additional Services by Cana Laboratories

Regulatory Affairs & Medical Services:

  • The Regulatory Affairs Department manages our relationship with the National Organization for Medicines (EOF), including the submission of applications for new product approvals, the renewal of licenses and pharmaceutical trademarks, the reporting of pharmacovigilance issues, and the management of any other issues of interest to national regulatory authorities.
  • The main priorities of the Medical Services Department include providing scientifically substantiated information to healthcare professionals and to public as appropriate, as well as training other company personnel, particularly in the areas of Marketing and Sales.
  • Clinical Trials: We have experience in organizing, conducting, and monitoring multicenter phase II-III and IV clinical trials.

The Quality Control Department has been fully renovated and consists of two laboratories – the Chemical Analysis & Testing Lab and the Microbiology Lab. New equipment is regularly added to keep the range of analysis methods up to date.

The department is responsible for:

  • Carrying out samplings, inspections, and chemical analyses for every batch of raw and packaging materials, intermediate or final products.
  • Conducting audits during production and packaging.
  • Performing microbiological analyses to determine the microbial load in a final product, the packaging materials, the water used, and the surrounding air.

Documentation of all work and record maintenance:
The dynamic transition from a Quality Control Department to a Quality Assurance Department mainly revolves around compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice guidelines, with the aim of safe and compliant final products.