Production Capabilities


Cana Laboratories has production lines that manufacture high-quality products (pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, nutritional supplements, and biocides) according to strict standards. Quality assurance and management are the fundamental reasons for the company’s success.

Why choose
Cana Laboratories
for Manufacturing Contract:

  • Our small-scale GMP production services, combined with comprehensive testing services, allow us to operate as the sole external partner guaranteeing clear communication and confidentiality.
  • With our fully equipped facilities and experienced scientists, we can guide you through the entire process from product development to small-scale production.
  • Our customized approach and flexibility provide personalized solutions for unique, specialized needs.

Production Capabilities

There is the capability to produce solid, oral, semi-solid, and liquids. Production capability* in 1 shift:
  • 14.4 million tablets per month
  • 800,000 bottles (250ml – 500ml – 1000ml) with liquid for external use per month
  • 300,000 bottles (<250ml) with liquid for external use per month
  • 300,000 bottles (<300ml) with liquid for internal use per month
  • 616,000 plastic tubes with cream per month
  • 616,000 aluminum tubes with cream per month
  • 705,000 suppositories per month
*The capability can be doubled with the activation of the second shift.